A poem inspired by Frances Haugen’s testimony

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

We want you to join
the contented herd -
grazing our chaff,
eating our feed.

We know that you feel
discontented, girl,
You want to fit into
whatever will please.

Don’t worry -
We’ll flatter your thighs,
your lips, your tits,
your sighs.

Down, down
to your dendrites,
we’re pruning your wires…



A poem of gratitude and acceptance

Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash

I give myself
a low bar
for success.

Today it’s just about
waking up
and embracing
the miracle
that I can
air into
my lungs,
to release
the waste,
and load
my blood
with oxygen
that will nourish
all the cells in my body
without judgment
or comparison.



A poem for you, if you’ve been through it too.

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

He reaches in
to shake
my hand,

like a crow
extending a claw
might snatch a nut

to carry away
and drop
on the pavement
for the cars
to smash.

And as he lets it go,
he locks his black eyes onto mine,
and backs

as he calculates



A poem about ant-surrection

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

I watch the ants
erupt from
the chink between the tiles
of the kitchen counter
after I sprayed
the seam with vinegar.

There must be thousands.
I thought we had an understanding.

But I should know better.

It’s impossible to compromise
with ants,

because you never know who
you’re dealing with…



A one-line poem in response to the Republican party’s role in the Jan 6, 2021 insurrection

Narcissus at the spring — Jan Roos, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

History was not
made in a day.

It took four years
of pretending

your crazy leader
couldn’t crack
America’s reflection

if you looked
the other way.

© Antoinette Nevitt, all rights reserved

Written in response to Harper Thorpe’s timely prompt History . Thanks to Kathy Jacobs, everybody at Chalkboard and…



A poem in celebration of democracy

Photo by Brianna Santellan on Unsplash

Here we are
in the middle of the Big One,
where an older world
is pushed down.
Folded under.

Forcing cataclysmic upheaval
for the new one to rise up.

A moment comes around like that
to shake us up,

then folds the corner down
on this great land,



Dreamy resolutions for 2021

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

Clean the house.
Fix up the house.
Find a new house.

Find a new life
in a new town

on a new planet

in a galaxy
far away…

…or maybe just
go back to sleep
until 2022.

© Antoinette Nevitt, all rights reserved